On the 18th of January, amidst the paleness of the city, the dullness of lost psyche, amidst the anticipation of loud beating hearts; in all her royal graciousness and larger than life presence, walked in The Devi.

As a large vibrant splash of red enveloped our lives, we all bowed down to this beautiful, inexpressible, mind-boggling phenomena called Bhairavi Punya Puja.

Whether it was the Gruhapravesham or house warming ceremony, the Gudi Ceremony, or the all-pervading eyes of the Devi – we Bangaloreans were overwhelmed these last 5 days by the grandness of all that was happening.

I assisted Bhairagini Maa in most of the Pujas and as we drove from house to house, the transformation on people’s faces was stunning. I can’t say that I have a great insight into people’s emotions, but I did see how people’s countenances changed before and after the consecration. As Bhairagini Maa went from house to house, in insane Bangalore-traffic, the hearts of so many householders lit up, so many couples felt fulfilled, so many volunteers felt gratitude for having been given the opportunity to make this happen. With the Gruhapravesham fire, so many silent lamps have been lit across the city in 5 days. Many people will now live in consecrated spaces, making use of this ancient science for their wellbeing. Every person we met in these homes did their best to make sure everything happened perfectly. Children were usually the most curious and even the naughtiest ones in every household quietly sat down to observe and participate. Such is the power and mystery of the Devi.


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No matter how many homes we visited and how many times we did this process, each time it was a new experience for me. The way the whole atmosphere crackled with energy was mind boggling. Towards the end, many a times, I would find myself completely ecstatic for no reason.

Thus ended the 5 days, yet the way our lackluster Bangalore life has been lit up will surely never end now.

As Maa Bhairagini Maa gently pointed out, it is strange how I always refer to the Devi as “Maa”. Indeed she is my Mother. I feel bliss in the fact that I could assist in some way towards her royal ascension to this city.

- Isha Bangalore volunteer