The Theerthakund is a subterranean water body energized by a Rasalinga, made of solidified mercury. Suryakund, a new Theerthakund for men, will be consecrated by Sadhguru in the Dhyanalinga  Complex from 21 – 22 Dec 2012.

During the Consecration, we will be webstreaming a special Sathsang with Sadhguru on 22nd December.

The sathsang has been tentatively been fixed between 7 - 10pm, however we will be informing about the exact timings once it gets confirmed.

Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the consecration process, the sathsang may happen anytime during the day, however in that case the sathsang will still be shown in the evening for those who have registered.

All proceeds of the Streaming event will go towards the
Dhyanalinga Completion Project.


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Apart from the livestream, we will also be participating in a worldwide online event on 22nd December called Birth2012. As a part of this, there will be a global AUM meditation happening in the afternoon 12pm IST, which Sadhguru will be leading. For more information, visit the 1 Billion Oms website.



an invitation to the divine

If you transform mud into food, we call this agriculture. If you make food into flesh and bone, we call this digestion. If you make flesh into mud, we call this cremation. If you can make this flesh or even a stone or an empty space into a divine possibility, that is called consecration.

“Theertha” means sacred water, “Kund” means a pond or water body. The Theerthakund is energized by a rasalinga, or a solidified mercury linga.

Since the consecration of the first Theerthakund in 2006, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have experienced its tremendous healing power. Above all, it prepares and purifies one’s body to receive the Divine energies of the Dhyanalinga.

To accommodate the growing number of seekers coming to receive the Grace of the Dhyanalinga, Suryakund, a new Theerthakund for men, will soon be established. At the beginning of Uttarayana – a time of great spiritual significance, when the sun’s run shifts to the Northern Hemisphere, Sadhguru will consecrate the three rasalingas of Suryakund.