On 31 August, before heading to the Nagarkovil mahasathsang, Sadhguru visited the nearby Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant at the invitation of the Director Shri RS Sundar, and was given a warm welcome by the officials and scientists.

Mr. Sundar gave Sadhguru a presentation on the science, mechanics and workings of the plant, as he was given a tour through the unit to look at some of the more notable and interesting features and technologies. Sadhguru spent over an hour-and-a-half at the plant during which he also planted a sapling at the premises, symbolizing the hope for a future where science is in harmony with nature.

Sadhguru expressed his appreciation for the work that the scientists were doing. He said “Indian engineers and officers doing the nation proud at the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant – powering India into future. Safe and clean power is the motto here."


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