An Evening with the Mystic brought together the vivacious spirit of Australia and the incredibly boundless energy of Sadhguru's presence, making it a surreal and an insightful experience. A traditional, esoteric Aussie didgeridoo performance, reflecting the age-old spiritual connect of the indigenous, set the tone for a profound conversation that followed.

However, everyone who came with an impression that it would be an intense, "serious" session was pleasantly surprised. Sadhguru's crackling wit and humorous disposition kept the audience in splits while providing simple yet devastatingly logical insights into the workings of life.

Jokes and anecdotes like "if you are full of bull, it's best to keep your mouth shut" carried a fantastic lesson in a language that was appreciated by everyone in the audience.

Questions that followed the talk covered a gamut of subjects including karma, rebirth, empathy and love. While some of them bordered on complex, Sadhguru ensured the answers were delivered in such a simple manner that everyone understood their import.

A simple yet very interesting meditation gave the audience a glimpse of the profundity that being human is.

It was clear that Australia definitely made a sensational Isha debut going by the packed auditorium and the thunderous applause that followed the session. The energy of volunteers was infectious and a number of guests wondered how an event of this scale was pulled off with such aesthetic and clockwork precision.


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