Sadhguru Darshan at iii will be webcast live on most of the days from May 6 to May 26 at 6pm US Central Time & 4.30am IST. The duration may vary each day, and may extend until 8:30pm US Time as there may be discourses following the Darshan.

Buddha Pournami is the full moon day that commemorates the birth, enlightenment and attainment of Mahasamadhi by Gautama Buddha and serves as a reminder to us all that we carry the same potential within us. Don't miss Sadhguru Darshan on this auspicious day on May 17.

On the evenings of May 14-15, Sadhguru would be traveling to Atlanta for the Shambhavi Mahamudra program. From May 19-22, during the BSP program at iii and also on a few other evenings between May 6 and May 26, he may need to travel outside iii - there would be no Darshan on these evenings. To confirm if he will be present at iii for Darshan on any specific evening, please call 931-668-1900 in the US or write to

A step-by-step guide to watching the webcast

First off, for those who don't need a step-by-step guide, here's the one sentence version:
Register at Isha Live, then sign-up for the Sadhguru Darshan event and if you wish to support Isha Live, please choose to make an optional donation in the Support drop-down list.


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If you need detailed instructions, please read on.

The First Step - The Journey Begins

You first need to register on Isha Live. You can either register on the site by choosing a username and entering your email-id (No. 1 in the screenshot below), or through any of your pre-existing accounts on facebook, google, twitter, yahoo, AOL or OpenID (No. 2 in the screenshot). If you choose to register with your email-id, enter a username of your choice and your email-id, and then click on the Register button (No. 3 in the screenshot).

The Second Step - The Journey Continues

If you logged in through facebook, google or any of the other sites (No. 2 in the screenshot above), skip to The Third Step below. If you logged in by entering your email, then check your submitted email account. You will receive a mail from Isha Live (usually within five minutes of registering) with the username you choose and the password yo need to login to Isha Live. be sure to check the Junk/Spam folder if your the mail doesn't show up in your inbox. Login to isha Live with this username and password (you can copy/paste the password).

The Last Step - The Journey Ends (Actually, the real journey is just beginning)

Sign-up for the Sadhguru Darshan event. Enter your first & last name. (No. 1 in the screenshot below) If you wish to support Isha Live, please choose to make an optional donation in the Support drop-down box (No. 2 in the screenshot). Click on submit (No. 3 in the screenshot). Check and confirm that your details are correct. Check your email for the link to webstream. The webstream will only be active during the Darshan time, so if it happens to show a blank screen at other times, that's quite normal.

And that's it. You are now ready for Sadhguru Darshan webcast.