Sadhguru conducts Inner Engineering Leadership Retreat in New Delhi


From 13-15th April, Sadhguru conducted an Inner Engineering Leadership Retreat in Sohna near New Delhi. Offering a private setting, the program was attended by the some of the country’s foremost leaders across various fields. The 125 participants came from corporate houses, industry and government, but also from areas as diverse as media and fashion design.

The program started off on an “auspicious” day – Friday the 13th! But even the hand of misfortune was no match for the organizing skills of the Isha volunteers, who were prepared for any eventuality and saw to it that the evening session went smoothly. Sadhguru introduced the participants to Inner Engineering, setting the direction for the inner exploration that would follow.

Given the beautiful location, sessions were held outside whenever possible, though unseasonal rains did bring those plans to a halt on a few occasions.

In the short breaks between sessions, Sadhguru could be seen playing Frisbee with the participants, many of whom were amazed at the ease and proficiency with which he was able to handle it.

The decoration team was given free hand in the premises and they saw how best to bring the ambience of the Isha Yoga Center to the venue. This was especially evident on Saturday evening, when they decorated the lawn and surrounding areas with over 1500 lamps for the dinner held outside. Sounds of Isha played in the background while the participants ate, but the music team soon came into the forefront as the participants came onto the lawn and started dancing. Once again rains ended up cutting things short, but then everyone enthusiastically went inside for the evening session.

An energy-filled games session in the morning was followed by the initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, the blissful stillness of meditation a marked change from the intense activity earlier. After initiation, a particularly engaging Q&A session followed, one participant remarking that many times when making decisions, he is conflicted whether he should follow logic or go with his intuition. Especially when related to business decisions, he asked Sadhguru what he should listen to. Sadhguru replied that you don’t necessarily have to go with your gut. You should be in a state, where you can apply your intelligence in the best way possible. Furthermore he said, it’s not about making the best decision, it’s about you functioning at your full potential. The whole purpose of Shambhavi Mahamudra is to create a distance between you and your body, between you and your mind. If you keep the body and mind at a certain distance, you will be able to see things clearly and make a decision. The problem is that you are too caught up with your body and mind.

The program ended with a second initiation, after which they closed the session in typical Isha style with music and dance. This week saw a powerhouse of events in New Delhi, starting with the Guru Sangamam and then the Inner Engineering Leadership Retreat, aiming to bring the wealth of spirituality to people at all levels.