Sadhguru Gets a Big Texas Welcome in Dallas

Dallas gets its first taste of the Mystic as Sadhguru initiates 3600+ eager seekers gathered for the first ever Inner Engineering Completion program in the city on Nov 23-24. Suffice to say that big things happened in Dallas that day.
isha blog article | Sadhguru Gets a Big Texas Welcome in Dallas


The first two-day Inner Engineering Completion program in Dallas commenced on 23rd November, 2019 with over 800 volunteers geared up to make sure Sadhguru and the participants received a “Texas-Sized Welcome”! The buzz around the program preparations served to add more life to the already buzzing Dallas downtown skyline. The participants who arrived from over 22 different countries were astounded by the size of the hall and the organized setup, making it a typical Texas welcome!


The 203,000 sq ft column-free exhibit hall in the convention center is the largest of its kind in the United States and it quickly filled up with over 3600 participants. Sadhguru soon had everyone on the edge of their seats with his piercing clarity and hilarious Shankaran Pillai jokes.

As participants came back from lunch, the session started with an announcement. Sadhguru had been commemorated by the City of Dallas for his relentless commitment and contribution towards human wellbeing. November 23rd was declared as “Isha Foundation Inner Engineering Day” in Dallas by the Mayor.



As Sounds of Isha took the stage, many participants gathered around the dais and everyone cheered as they saw Sadhguru dance to the rhythm as well.

After initiation into the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, if there was one collective term to describe every bright face that walked out, it would be blissful. There was a sense of calm, clarity and exuberance that resonated with everyone.


Participants shared their experience at the social media booth:


“Sadhguru found his way into my life through, I guess, YouTube videos. I experienced some changes in February and a few months later he just came across me. As I would watch his videos, I would have questions in my head and the next video just came and addressed that and it happened like 20-30 times in a row. So I just had to come here. I feel amazing. I have been looking for this so much, it’s just been wonderful. My body was in pain all day but right now I am just ecstatic, so happy and full of energy that I don’t even know if I want to go anywhere else.” – Chris

“I am amazed by this experience. This was an enlightening experience and I would do it all over again. In Sadhguru’s presence it was completely different.” – Selva

“We watch Sadhguru on YouTube. Two years ago he popped up on my computer and since then we have been watching him daily. Today was amazing. I feel so sweet and joyful. It was life-changing.” – Tanya and David

"There are no words to explain the experience of being in Sadhguru's presence and what he gave me today. I am speechless and overwhelmed. I have a sense of ecstasy and calmness at the same time – I didn’t know that was even possible. Also at no point did it feel like this was a volunteer driven and executed event. It was so professional with no lapses or commotion despite having almost 4000 people. At the same time, you could see the careful attention to each and every detail. The interaction with the volunteers was dripping with generosity. Amazing attitude and energy!" – Ajit

Some of the participants had offered Sadhguru a few gifts and one of them was a frisbee. When a volunteer removed it, Sadhguru asked where it was and said, “I thought I could throw it here!” To the surprise and delight of the participants, Sadhguru tossed the frisbee masterfully into the hall for an impromptu game.

Volunteers’ Experiences:


“Volunteering for Isha has been part of my life ever since I got initiated back in 2012 and I can’t see life without it, to put it simply. It’s just been a wonderful addition to my life and it has changed me in a lot of ways and it is never enough to serve the higher cause Sadhguru brings to all of us and to the world. It’s a pleasure to be here.” – Gita

“Sitting there as a volunteer, watching my most revered Guru, the most sought after authority in Yoga, delivering the most profound science in such a simple format, with utmost care and tenderness, like you would teach a child, was extremely overwhelming.” – Padma

“It’s amazing to be here with wonderful volunteers and preparing for an amazing program. We can see many people being touched by this possibility that has touched our lives. Everybody here is buzzing, excited and we are ready for this program.” – Ram

Editor’s Note: Click here to watch Sadhguru on Tom Bileau’s hugely popular YouTube channel “Impact Theory”.

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