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Sadhguru’s July 2019 whirlwind tour of the US led him from a golfing fundraiser to a keynote speech at the 20th biennial JAINA Convention in Los Angeles.
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Sadhguru made a brief but fully packed visit to the United States of America in July 2019. The wide ranging events took Sadhguru from New Jersey to California to Atlanta to Wyoming just within a week.


The whirlwind tour began on July 2nd in New Jersey at the Isha Vidhya Golf Jaunt. Sadhguru was joined by select golfers on a glowing summer day to enjoy a few rounds of golf, followed by a special dinner. The event was organized to raise funds and awareness for Isha Vidhya, a rural education initiative to provide high quality education to children who otherwise would not have the access. 


Parag Sharma shares: “I stood there utterly confused. Sadhguru was standing in front of me, wearing a blue ‘Rally for Rivers’ shirt, a wide brimmed hat, and wrap-around sunglasses, talking and joking with the golfers. I am so used to seeing my beloved Guru in his beautiful shawl and turban, that my brain could not process his golfing avatar!

The three weeks preceding the event were hectic for me. As one of the organizers, I had focused all my energies into making the jaunt a success and was anxious for everything to go smoothly.

When the day finally arrived, a certain calmness descended upon me. I felt vibrant in the moment and became more mentally relaxed about all the activities that I still had to complete and focused more on the privilege of being in Sadhguru’s presence. I felt equal parts thrilled and humbled to see Sadhguru at such close quarters as he whizzed past me in his golf cart, looking for his ball! The whole event was so special and I felt so blessed to have been given the opportunity to volunteer and in a small way help to raise funds for Isha Vidhya.” 


The next stop was on the 4th of July in Atlanta for the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) annual convention, held at the Georgia World Congress Center. Sadhguru arrived at midday to a heartfelt reception by a large crowd of prominent physicians. “I don’t think I’ve ever been with so many doctors,” he remarked. So many people had lined up outside the room where Sadhguru was giving interviews in, that extra security had to be called in – an unexpected occurrence at a medical convention! After an introduction by Dr. Patrice Harris, President of the American Medical Association, Sadhguru immediately struck a chord with the delegates with his razor-sharp reality check on the current dismal state of health in the US. He drew attention to lifestyle diseases, a broken healthcare system, physician burnout and physician suicide. Focusing on the doctors themselves, Sadhguru said, "The suicide rate among doctors is twice that of the average population. This needs to be addressed. It is very important that those who address human health should be symbols of health themselves."


One of our volunteers shared, “Any opportunity for me to be in the presence of Sadhguru is an absolute privilege and a blessing! I had the opportunity to escort him from his arrival at the venue through the ribbon-cutting ceremony, wading through the throngs of people enveloping him, and making room for him to get safely and securely into the boardroom before the program commenced. Even though I’ve had the opportunity to be in these situations with him several times before, each such occasion is a privilege and an utter delight! It is hard to explain how plugged in Sadhguru was, and how situation-aware he is at any given time. The message it drives home for me is how to continually conduct oneself consciously and gracefully every moment irrespective of the situation. I don’t know how, but Sadhguru remains completely devoid of identity through all the adulation and overwhelming love and affection he receives, no matter where he goes! As always, I left the venue after the wind-up with a full heart and a lump in my throat.” 


Then after only five hours in Atlanta, it was time to keep moving west for the next event. On July 5th Sadhguru landed in the city of angels - Los Angeles - to deliver the keynote speech at the 20th biennial JAINA Convention, with over 4,000 guests from around the world. One of the central tenets of Jainism is “Ahimsa,” which roughly translates to non-violence. Noting that we are in Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary, Sadhguru said, “If we don’t mess with anything, that is peace. When most human beings are experiencing life as me versus the universe, peace is not possible.” His energy and eloquence immediately gripped the audience and kept them captivated throughout.


A volunteer shared, “Waiting for the event to start, I looked over my left shoulder, and Sadhguru was gliding across the auditorium to his seat in the first row. Not many saw him, but the whole atmosphere of the space changed. Whether the surrounding attendees were socializing with others or on their phones, I felt as if, all of a sudden, they were completely taken care of and in good hands.” 

After making an indelible impact on the Jain community, Sadhguru was once again off to another stop in the United States. On July 7th, Sadhguru was invited to speak with Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The conversation took place at the Natural Museum of Wildlife Art, minutes from Grand Teton National Park. 


As usual, Sadhguru arrived early and so he took a stroll around the museum while the hall filled up with hundreds of people. When Sadhguru entered, his presence immediately quieted the noisy room. The host started with a brief introduction of Blake and his philanthropic work, and then drew laughs from Sadhguru when he introduced him as a mystic and a comic wrapped into one! The evening ended with Sadhguru taking a stroll outside the museum where a few Totem poles stood against the majestic backdrop of the Grand Teton Mountains. 


Gracie Lyons shares: “Having never had an opportunity to travel to Wyoming, when a fellow meditator asked our family to come experience the open terrain with Sadhguru, we immediately booked our flights. This part of the country was more spectacular than I could ever have imagined. The majestic snowcapped mountains, lush green valleys and pristine rivers filled me with gratitude for all their beauty.  

A luncheon was arranged by the Mycoskiesprior to the evening event. There, with the Grand Tetons as a backdrop, we practiced Isha Kriya. Each time I am guided through this simple yet powerful practice, it leaves me in a completely peaceful and serene state. This time when I opened my eyes and saw Sadhguru sitting there, my eyes welled up with tears that all of us have this opportunity to experience an inner joy that is beyond understanding. Sadhguru has given us tools of self-empowerment to transcend our limitations and made this simple process accessible to all seekers. Having been a physician, I have always had a longing to assist those seeking health. My life is now focused on how I can help others become aware of an inner technology that is offered in Inner Engineering.” 

As Sadhguru traversed tirelessly from coast to coast, he also made two stops at the Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences, much to the delight of all the residents and volunteers. Even through this whirlwind tour, he made it a point to join everyone for dinner at iii. 

One of the residents shares: “When we were told that Sadhguru was going to join us for dining and eat with us, I was elated but I had this overwhelming feeling that he should rest. I’ve never felt it so strongly before, even though I used to always grab every opportunity to see him or be in his presence. This time I was willing to forego that so that he would rest. But when he arrived in dining, I was completely drenched in his Grace. I felt so humble and grateful and also a little ashamed that no matter what is happening, he always puts everyone’s wellbeing above his own. It inspired me to do better with myself and always give my hundred percent. If he can do so much, then why can’t I push myself a little? His presence left me in tears of gratitude and now whenever I am exhausted, I always think of him and go on. He always carries me through.”

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