A Russian Naval Officer’s Dive into Spirituality

Meet Anatoli – a young naval officer who served in the Russian Navy as a Communications Duty Officer for a decade. As he recounts his experience, you can feel him buzzing with life, joy and enthusiasm. Anatoli first came to the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore for an Inner Engineering Program in November 2018.
Russian Naval Office Antoli

From being an Officer to being an Observer

anatoli-5One change he noticed in himself after the Inner Engineering program is that he has become more observant now. “I try to observe every move that my body makes, every thought that is created in my mind. This is incredible. I feel like I am reborn!”

What it feels like being alive!

Candidly, Anatoli quips that now most of the time he feels alive. He says he is experiencing this because the mind is such that it generates layers and layers of thoughts. The mind doesn’t stop there – it also generates visual memories from the past. He adds how as a result of this insane activity that takes place in the mind, this data that the brain creates lives a life of its own – like many different streams. Anatoli explains this profound experience by saying, “My mind and body are like an interface. With this interface I operate in life. For example, when I speak to somebody, I only think that I'm speaking to somebody directly. But in reality it is my mind that is speaking to another mind through the body. And I've experienced that my life is programmed in patterns! Pattern after pattern!”

From autopilot mode to awareness

Anatolli confesses that he feels he has become more sensitive to life. He smiles and confides that though now most of the times he is not on autopilot mode, it is difficult to stay one hundred percent aware all the time. He aptly gives an example saying, “This is like swimming in the ocean in a storm! On one wave you are up, on another wave you are down.”

He has also developed a heightened sense of awareness. When he sits quietly with his eyes closed, he can feel his heart beating, how the blood is pulsating in his veins and other sensations. The sense of awareness was also felt by Anatolli when he listens to music. “I am aware of every sound in the melody especially in classical music. After a while, tears fall from my eyes. All life is so beautiful and alive.”

Being grateful

Anatolli says as a Naval Officer, emotions were never predominant. One cannot afford to be sensitive when one is serving in the defense forces. However, this new sense of awareness has opened up new possibilities for him, which he describes as being very overwhelming and beautiful.

In Anatoli’s words, “I'm very lucky that I live in a time of such powerful being, during the time of Sadhguru! I bow down! I'm eternally grateful!”


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