Adorn yourself with consecrated Devi Sarees – draped for Devi during Navratri, the most powerful nights for Devi worship and celebration.

Draped during the Navratri Festival to adorn the Goddess in Her different forms and colors, these sarees carry the energy of Linga Bhairavi Devi.

Linga Bhairavi vastrams are exquisitely designed cotton and silk sarees that adorn the Devi for a certain period of time. Devi is offered red vastrams for eleven months and green during Marghazhi (Dec-Jan).

Devotees have the rare and unique opportunity to have these sacred, consecrated sarees. They are particularly beneficial to be worn during weddings, during major events in a woman’s life (weddings, pregnancy rituals etc), and various ceremonial rituals that celebrate maturing to womanhood in a girl’s life. They can also be hung in any place of sanctity in the home, to bring the powerfully protective and compassionate energies of Linga Bhairavi Devi into that space.


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Editor's Note:  India is a land of many goddesses – wonderful ones, wise ones and wild ones. Find out how worship of the feminine still lives in the world in some unlikely places, and what it takes to walk with goddesses like Bhairavi, Kali & Chinnamasta. Only on Sadhguru Exclusive! Watch now.