Jubilant Bangalore - A volunteer shares


A period of two months had been spent in preparation for the Bangalore Inner Engineering program conducted by Sadhguru himself. Bangalore a nascent center - barely 5 years old - yet so exuberant in its expression and longing to welcome Sadhguru.

We kicked off with a volunteers’ meet at mid May. The enthusiasm of the volunteers was more infectious than Bangalore colds. Having seen how our counterparts in various cities in Tamil Nadu had made it happen for thousands of people to receive the Guru’s grace, we were motivated to do the same here at Bangalore.

As the preparations and activity before the program intensified, people shared about breaking barriers within themselves and externally. Bangalore is an IT hub city where a large segment of volunteers are software professionals, and where everything happens online. These volunteers campaigned far beyond the limits of the web and even went knocking on the doors of their neighbours many of whom they had never spoken to before. They travelled two hours in traffic jams to share their experience of Isha Yoga in introductory sessions that had been organized at the other end of the city.

In the last few weeks leading to the program, to ensure that everyone would hear about this unique event, we decided to flood the city with brochures. Volunteers stood at traffic signals across the city and distributed program brochures. People stood under the rain, getting drenched but somehow protecting the brochures from getting wet.

Isha volunteers of all age groups, old and young, senior executives and students, housewives and young women, joyfully danced through the never ending Bangalore traffic from 6pm till 10.30pm every night. That’s dedication!

Nothing was spared. They conducted introductions in offices, played Isha videos in beauty parlours. Volunteers handed out brochures in apartments, nursing homes, restaurants, temples, malls.

And the now famous walnut with the message: “If you don’t get out of your shell, you are just a nut!” brought big smiles to people’s faces!

The way people received all this was really wonderful. Car windows rolled down and occupants asked “what is it that is so important that it is worth getting drenched in rain?!” Bikers got down from their bikes to receive it or pass it to the person next to them in traffic. We also encountered few sceptics who I am sure were puzzled by the dedication of the Isha volunteers.

A young volunteer came and shared: “Somebody was asking how much money I am getting for distributing these brochures, and I told them that it is not for anything, but just makes me happy to reach out. They didn’t believe me, but I felt happy that they were also getting to know about Sadhguru and Isha. After all we do need religions of joy, politics of joy, and economics of joy!”

As we sit the night out on 5th July preparing for the book launch and Sadhguru’s public discourse on 6th July, anticipation builds. So many more lives are about to be touched, like a grand wedding of human beings to a life transforming possibility.

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9 years ago

I wish the Bangalore IT professionals in particular should attend this Inner Engineering programme. I was one of the participant in the IE program at Isha yoga Foundtion at velliangiri, coimbatore during March 2011.I personally vouch the benefit I derived out doing the Shambavi Maha Mutra process every day now. My energy level and focus has doubly increased besides happiness to live factor. I honestly advise every one that if you want to see the real life in your lifetime, please attend Sadhguru's IE progrm and get experience by yourself. This is my Testimony.
Industrialist, Madurai,
093667 50279.

9 years ago

True meaning of 'volunteering' comes out when with Isha. When u volunteer, u dont feel stressed but u enjoy! Other perks are: you grow, you accomodate, you enhance experiences and also make friends. As Sadhguru says: we can always be a volunteer for everything that happens in life. Sincere regards!

9 years ago

I've just returned back from the 8th-10th July Inner Engineering program conducted by sadhguru himself.  When i got to know about the program, i was skeptical of attending this, for the only reason of arrangements being inappropriate.  I had attended similar programs from other schools of yoga, and in all these, one thing was common - common people were treated worst than cattle, and the focus was only on VVIPs.  An isha volunteer approached me and i asked him about my concern. He says - it's the best arrangements you would ever find.  And today, when i am back, i say he was absolutely correct. Managing a crowd of 3000 people is no joke, that too for 2.5 days.   Thank u ishas for making this program totally successful . Looking forward to join u guys...

8 years 11 months ago

as i read this tears come to my eyes...i don't know why. i was there at the bangalore IE programme and i loved every moment of it. i am from allahabad and i had come to south for the first time and for this programme. i was really overwhelmed to see the kind of arrangement that the volunteers had put in and how concerned they were to see that everyone felt comfortable. thank you so much Isha volunteers for EVERYTHING......