Isha Whispers… Apr 2020

Read Sadhguru's pointers for becoming a part of the solution in these challenging times, stories of famous personalities celebrating their lockdown at the ashram, and how meditators are moved by Sadhguru's presence in their lives during these times; see a lot of beautiful pictures from around the ashram, and much more in this edition of Isha Whispers…
Isha Blog Article | Isha Whispers… Apr 2020

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Isha Whispers... is a monthly newsletter that gives you access to the inside scoop of what goes on behind-the-scenes at Isha - be it Sadhguru's programs, events, volunteering, intimate sharings, inspiring incidents or glimpses into some little known facets of Sadhguru...

Editor's Note: Thousands of daily wage workers and their families around the Isha Yoga Center are without money or food. Frontline medical professionals and police officers are in need of protective gear. Through Isha Outreach, volunteers are ensuring supplies reach those in need urgently. To support the Isha Outreach Corona Relief activities, please visit:

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