We are pleased to announce that Isha Vidhya been invited to be an official Charity Partner at this year's Wipro Chennai Marathon.

This is a great honour, a privilege and a huge opportunity. Wipro Chennai Marathon is the largest marathon in southern India. By selecting Isha Vidhya as a charity partner, Chennai Runners, the organizers of the marathon, have demonstrated their support for Isha Vidhya’s work in educating rural children. Isha Vidhya has participated in the Wipro Chennai Marathon over the past four years, demonstrating engagement and zest in running for the children.

Becoming an official Charity Partner is an opportunity to bring greater visibility to the outreach efforts, raising both awareness and funds.

Isha Vidhya currently operates 9 schools with a total of 7,115 students, of which approximately 56% receive scholarship. The Government School Improvement Program also impacts 40,469 students across 56 Government Schools in Tamil Nadu and 38,000 students from 460 Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh.

As a charity partner, Isha Vidhya will have the opportunity to showcase our cause among all the runners in a big way and receive their support through donations and individual runner’s fundraising campaigns.


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Wherever you live, wherever you have been running this year, make sure to join the fun on 11th December 2016 and make the Chennai Marathon the largest marathon Isha Vidhya has ever seen! This is your chance to run alongside Isha Yoga Center volunteers, Isha Vidhya students, teachers and staff. To register as a runner, please email chn.marathon@ishavidhya.org. A special registration process has been set up for all Isha Vidhya runners. Volunteers will promptly get back to you with more information.

Enthusiastic runners are already practicing for the big day, and local centers in Chennai are reaching out to all to register, practice and raise funds. Chennai volunteers are also organizing group practice sessions, including the chance to practice with veteran runners who will freely share from their vast expertise and happily share tips on how to improve your performance.

Join us in creating a big buzz for the Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016 - #RunForIshaVidhya !

You can

  • Run in the marathon
  • Provide fitness tips and running tips
  • Raise funds for Isha Vidhya
  • Provide contacts in corporates who may be interested in running for Isha Vidhya
  • Donate to Isha Vidhya
  • Spread the word about Isha Vidhya through social media
  • Be part of the Isha Vidhya cheer team by writing a message or status update on Facebook. Include the hashtag #RunForIshaVidhya so that we can easily share your message.

Important: As a special registration process has been set up, please only register for the marathon by writing to our team at chn.marathon@ishavidhya.org