Thanks to the wonders of computer programming, and powered by the Internet’s storehouse of Do-It-Yourself articles, the Isha Blog team has managed to package blog updates, Sadhguru’s videos, quotes, tweets, and a Sounds of Isha music player into just one button, which sits snugly next to the address bar on your browser. The Isha Updates extension is available for free for Firefox and Chrome. With a bit of tweaking, Opera users can also install the extension. (More details here). This extension is not supported in mobile phones.

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Latest Updates (July 2014)

Version 2 of the extension adds Hindi, Telugu and Tamil Blog and Mystic Quotes sections. You can choose your language in the options page or at the bottom of the blog updates panel. Youtube is now available in English and Tamil. You can switch between languages at the bottom of the Youtube panel. A Sadhguru tweet section has been added. Both Firefox and Chrome versions now include configurable timings and on/off toggle for Isha Kriya reminders in the options page.


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Full Feature List

After installing the extension, a button with the Isha logo should appear next to the URL bar. Some Mac users or users of older Firefox versions may find that the logo does not automatically appear. Right-click in the area next to the URL bar and choose Customize. Look for the Isha logo in the panel then click-and-drag it next to the URL bar.

  • The default pop-up that opens when you click on the button shows you the eight most recent posts from the Isha Blog with a brief excerpt. Clicking on any title takes you to that post in a new browser window. At the bottom, or in the options screen, you can choose your updates language from English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.
  • Click on the YouTube logo to access a playlist from Sadhguru's YouTube channel. Use the Next button to browse through subsequent videos. At teh bottom, you can choose to toggle between English and Tamil videos.
  • Click on Sadhguru’s signature to bring the latest Mystic Quote, with Amavasya, Pournami and Ekadashi reminders. The language of the quote matches the blog updates language choice.
  • Click on the music icon to pull up the Sounds of Isha music player, which has a playlist of over 70 songs. (The Chrome version is a bit bare bones right now. We’re working on improving it.)
  • Click on the twitter icon to pull up Sadhguru's latest tweets.
  • You can navigate between any of the aforementioned features by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of the popup. (As an aside, if any of these services are blocked by your office firewall, we apologize – there is nothing we can do. Maybe you can convince your HR that insightful articles and good music increase productivity. Here’s a New York Times article that says so too!)
  • You can also search an extensive online collection of Sadhguru's articles using the Wisdom Center search bar (works only in English). A similar search function is present for Sadhguru’s YouTube channel (works only in English).
  • The extension also provides desktop pop-up reminders for your Isha Kriya sadhana. Pop-ups can be turned on or off, and the reminder duration is configurable in the options page. By default, these reminders are off. The Chrome extension also notifies you when there are new posts on the blog.

Like it? Hate it? Let Us Know

If you’ve tried out the extension and have ideas on how to enhance it, let us know. Send an e-mail to Be sure to add “Extension – Give Me More!” to the subject line. If you happen to find a bug in the extension, send an e-mail with “Extension – Squash That Bug!” in the subject line. If you have feedback regarding both, please send two separate e-mails. Be sure to indicate your operating system, browser, browser version number and any other relevant details when reporting a bug.

We will try our best to address your requirements, but please keep in mind that we’re a small team with an even smaller team of coders, so any help you can give us will be highly appreciated. If you can spare a few hours a week and have experience in JavaScript (experience in extension development is a plus but not a necessity), please send an e-mail to with the subject line “Volunteer Support – JavaScript Programmer.”

That’s all, for now! Stay tuned for updates. (Or turn on automatic updates for your extension and you won’t have to read these long, boring explanations every time we release a new version).