Sadhguru will meet with Anna Hazare today, 22nd August, 2011 around 7:30 pm at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. This meeting is a reinforcement of Sadhguru’s ongoing support for Anna Hazare and the ideals he stands for. This will be an expression of Isha Foundation’s solidarity and support towards Anna’s movement for a corruption-free India.

Today evening 7pm there will also be a display of support for Anna Hazare’s movement in Coimbatore, which will be conducted by Isha Foundation in front of Tamil Nadu Hotel, Gandhipuram. The event will include patriotic songs, the traditional martial arts form kalari payattu, as well as Sadhguru’s message on fighting corruption in India. This will also be part of an ongoing movement throughout India, where rallies are being arranged to show unity with Anna Hazare’s aims.

You can join and show your support at New Delhi or Coimbatore or spread the word online. We'll keep you notified with live updates of the events in both cities. Let's join hands for a corruption-free India!


5:45pm - Join as at 7pm as we live stream tonight's event from Coimbatore.

19.20 PM -  Sadhguru has just arrived at the Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. He is going to be meeting Anna Hazare in another 20 minutes.


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07.55 PM -  Sadhguru is at the Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi and is right now talking to the media ,  he would be meeting Anna Hazare in sometime now.

08.10 PM -  Coimbatore

More than a 1000 people have gathered at Coimbatore to support Isha Foundation’s stand for a corruption-free India. The event began with the Tamil Nadu State Anthem which was followed by other patriotic songs.

Sounds of Isha then came on stage and got everybody into foot-tapping mode with some rollicking numbers. Also at the event were the Isha Samskriti kids, who gave a Kalaripayattu demo which awed everybody with its – yes you guessed it – awesomeness.

A few of the VIPs at the event including Vijayanand, Founder and President of Fifth pillar, Rajkumar, and Arjun Sampath, President, Hindu Makkal Katchi, gave inspiring speeches and spoke out against corruption. Vijayanand, Founder and President of Fifth pillar and Rajkumar have both been fasting since the 19th in a show of support for Anna Hazare. They have also been motivating others to take an oath "I will not bribe, I will not take a bribe, I will not let others bribe." Bravo!

08.35 PM -  Ramlila Grounds, Delhi
Sadhguru is right now meeting Anna Hazare and assuring him of support and solidarity from Isha Foundation

09.00 PM -  Photos - Isha for a Corruption-Free India-  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , India

09.05 PM -  Ramlila Grounds, Delhi

Sadhguru speaks to the Indian TV Channel "Headlines Today" on the show "Centre Stage"  live from Ramlila Grounds, Delhi.