Guru Purnima is the day when Adiyogi Shiva transformed into the Adi Guru, or the first Guru. It is on this day that he began the transmission of the yogic sciences to the Saptarishis, and set forth this possibility that if one strives, one can transcend all limitations.

Today, Sadhguru will be unveiling the first Adiyogi statue at the Isha Yoga Center, in acknowledgment of this being's phenomenal contribution to humanity. Over 14,000 participants are here at the ashram to witness this momentous occasion. Join us online through the live webstream, live blog, or social media updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Editor’s Note: Celebrate Guru Purnima With Sadhguru, in the Presence of Adiyogi. Join in person at the Isha Yoga Center or watch the free live webstream.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with Sadhguru


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