Align Jun 2016 – Bhuta Shuddhi : The Ultimate Cleansing

Align magazine is a quarterly exploration of classical hatha yoga in its deepest dimensions. The name “Align” signifies what a hatha yogi is aspiring to attain - alignment with the cosmic geometry. Align also covers stories of how Isha Hatha Yoga has touched and transformed its teachers and practitioners across the world.
isha blog article | align jun 2016 – bhuta shuddhi : the ultimate cleansing

In the seventh edition of Align we examine the fundamental constituents of physical existence. Every spiritual process in the world is related to the organizing of the five elements. We further discuss the most fundamental practice in the yogic system, “Bhuta Shuddhi” and working with the five elements of life. Teachers share their experience of visiting the water temple and their Bhuta Shuddhi initiation. Yogi Ways shows you how to support your sadhana by lighting a lamp and consuming neem and turmeric.

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