I don’t directly understand Kailash. It is way beyond my perceptive abilities. But as much as I don’t want to “believe” its greatness, I also don’t want to “disbelieve” its greatness. I can understand and know Sadhguru to be my age’s Shiva through personal experience. And if he says he wouldn’t bow to anyone or anything – except his own Guru – over and above Kailash, then it must be something very out of the ordinary.

Yogis have been known to have a perception that is far beyond physical limitations. For example, in South India, there is a custom where newlyweds look at one star in the Great Bear constellation for auspicious energy and start of a new life. This “star” is called “Arundhati-Vashisht.” Strange, that a star would have the name of a great rishi and his wife? Well, it turns out that this is not a star at all. It is a twin star. And unlike most other twin stars, this twin star is not one where one star remains stationary and the other revolves around it (hardly a model for a good marriage). Both stars are revolving in an orbit, one behind the other, as if going after – or leading – each other. How did the rishis know that this star from all the stars in the sky was a twin star, and that too a special one at that – without a telescope!

If people with such an elevated sense of perception have bowed to someone with very deep respect, then it is important that I let my being be “introduced” to its energy. This is what Sadhguru said about Kailash in 2006:

All the mountains around Kailash are either the same height or a little smaller, and there is molten soil around. The Kailash peak is of a very different type of rock than the rest of the mountains. Something happened here that we can’t explain. We are trying to look at the rocks and the soil in a scientific way, to see what caused the temperatures to rise between 800-1200 degrees.


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Today you can see the same powerful energy forms in Manasarovar which come and go. It’s not a coincidence that Kailash and Manasarovar are so close by. There is tremendous potential in that energy. You know as you were with me that some time back I was so sick that doctors in the US had given me just two weeks to live. When I came to Manasarovar a few months later, people who traveled with me saw how weak I was. I wanted to use the energy available here to heal myself. All I needed was a strand and within 24 hours I was healthier than I have been in the past seven, eight years. The German doctor who treated me in New York City and had traveled with me to Manasarovar was astounded. He couldn’t explain what had caused the transformation.

That is the power of that place.

The volunteers who made this Yatra happen were amazing. They sleep at 1 or 2 am and are back at work at 4 or 5 am – sometimes they work through the night. Don’t ask me how they do it, but they keep up with this for the whole 2 weeks! When you are trying to work with someone like Sadhguru, you need to be that way I guess.

Just as an example, Sadhguru took a group of 15 people through an un-conventional route on Land Cruisers (that’s the only vehicle which works in Tibet) – camping and driving through the Tibetan desert over 5-6 days from Kathmandu to Manasarovar. He drove the whole distance, met us at Manasarovar, spent a day and morning with us at Kailash, and immediately after initiation, left for Manasarovar to initiate the subsequent batch. Then he drove back to Saga, reaching around 8 pm, and left for Kathmandu at 3.45 am. From there, he flew into Delhi & had a sathsang!

When I look back at my visit, I realize that Kailash’s greatest contribution to me is in breaking me down, yet holding me up. Some wishes take many lifetimes to realize. You instinctively know those moments when they happen. There is no drumroll & lightning in the sky or music in the background. But your essence shifts. No one else may ever know that it has, but you do.