Shoonya Meditation

"Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations." Sadhguru

Shoonya Meditation


What is Shoonya Intensive Programme?

For those who wish to explore deeper inner dimensions, Shoonya Intensive is an advanced meditation programme designed by Sadhguru combining the dynamic Shakti Chalana Kriya and Shoonya Meditation. Shakti Chalana Kriya is a set of powerful, purifying practices that enhance the flow of one’s vital energy. Shoonya Meditation is an effortless process of conscious non-doing. Together, these practices stimulate the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks and lead to a deep sense of inner wellbeing.

Shoonya Intensive is conducted as a 4-day residential programme at the Isha Yoga Centre, India, at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, USA, and more occasionally at various other centres across the world.


Completion of the Inner Engineering Programme (including the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya) is a prerequisite for attending this programme.