Answering a question on religion, Sadhguru says if you look at the person behind the religion, definitely they are a source of inspiration for any human being. He goes on to explain that we should not look at these men as coming from a certain religious sect because they never branded themselves as religious leaders. Instead, if we can look at them as human beings, they will definitely be inspiring for anyone who comes in touch with them.

Questioner: You were talking about how religions can give you inspiration but not deliveration and you gave examples of how it can be dangerous when people have a really strong religious belief that’s not based on experience.

Sadhguru: You know right, looking at the world…

Questioner: Yes, yes. And my question is, do you feel like it can also… when you say religion can be inspirational, do you think that people can derive some limited but still valuable benefit from having religions and in particular…

Sadhguru: You look at the man’s life. These men can be inspiration for any human being, isn’t it? As an inspiration, yes. So, when you say religion, every religion is somewhere around one human being, isn’t it? Except the Hindu way of life. It’s not around any human being. It is, it is… it is handled in a totally different way but all other religions are around one human being. Isn’t it so? So, that one human being, people are using him as an inspiration. What we need is not Christians, what we need is not Hindus, what we need is not Muslims. If we can bring an element of Krishna or Jesus or Buddha into people’s lives, that would be wonderful, isn’t it? But the problem is we have too many quarreling Hindus, quarreling Muslims and quarreling Christians; that’s the problem. If you could take these men as an inspiration and bring a little bit of there life into your life, life would be very different, isn’t it? It would be very, very different. But we have not done that; we have only identified ourselves with this group or that group, we have joined the party. This party or that party we have joined and invariably we quarrel. Are they an inspiration? Definitely they are an inspiration for any human being, isn’t it? And it would be best that we align them from those religions. Really, you don’t see Krishna as Hindu, because he was not Hindu. You don’t see Jesus as Christian because he knew nothing about Christianity. Yes? So, if you align them from that religion and just look at them as men, definitely they are fantastic men. They are an inspiration for any human being, isn’t it?

Questioner: They were undercover yogis?

Sadhguru: They are cover blown, that’s why they got crucified. (All Laugh) They couldn’t stay under cover and they were not clever enough to create more undercover yogis. All their covers blew that’s why they got crucified. If they have kept it under cover they wouldn’t have been crucified, isn’t it? They couldn’t keep it under cover (Laughs) for whatever reasons.