When you travel in West Asia, that too on both sides of the divide, you cannot help notice the raw division between people that has come about based on religion and other interests. The history is painful, so is the present, and the future seems like a ticking time bomb. In this era of technology where humans are acquiring almost super-human capabilities, uplifting consciousness is not a luxury but an urgent need. An active process that is not shackled by dogmatic belief systems but a purely scientific approach to human consciousness is a must.  These are lands of wonderful, vibrant cultures but so fractured that they have become explosive and dangerous. But that is not all…extremely warm-hearted people and flavoured food that is hard-core exotic; just the smell of the olives can drive you crazy. This whole Mediterranean region, if brought to peace, would be one of the most exuberant parts of the world.

Tabouli Tabouli

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