W hen I was a youth, I wrote thousands of poems because I lived on a farm, in a very remote place. I went there because I was flying hang gliders and I needed a mountain slope and there was a lake. So, I made my own kind of raft. The lake and the mountain attracted me but it was too remote. Nobody ever came there to see me. I was alone, so my way of exploring life became in the form of poetry because I did not have enough education to write prose. I wrote a lot at that time. I am still writing these days and we are in the process of putting together a collection of my existing poems.

Salt Doll

In search of truth
did I go back and forth

Wandered through Mountains
bathed in rivers sacred, with the pious

Whichever way the blind pointed
with hope and zest me travelled

Every which way I smelled the scent
but round and round is all I went

Wasted lives to know the one who is not
but the feverish pitch of seeking would cease not

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What does it take to fathom the ocean
even fish or whale is clueless of the ocean

It is only the salt that can be ocean
a Salt Doll I became, just a plunge made me the ocean.

“Why should I merge?” It is not an idea; that is the way Existence is. Either you get it now or you will get it when we bury you one day - you will merge. You better get it now. If you get it now you can enjoy your life. If you don’t get it now, we will enjoy our lives after you get it. If you are too full of yourself, people around you will enjoy their lives after you are buried, and you will get the point that you are part of everything. But if you get it right now, you will enjoy it and everybody else will enjoy it; it will be wonderful.

“What should I merge with?” Let's go step by step. Straight away merging with the Existence is too big, “Where will I go, what will happen?” You will not go anywhere; you will cease to exist. If a salt doll falls into the ocean, it will not go somewhere; it will just cease to exist. If that is looking like too big of a step, that is why this process was created. First merge with your guru, because by yourself, you will not jump into the ocean. You merge with him; he will anyway throw you into the ocean.

Love & Grace