Beloved Bharat

On this Spot, Sadhguru shares his vision for Bharat after seventy years of Independence. He cautions that all the achievements of the nation could go waste if we fail to “protect and revitalize our soil and water.” Sadhguru also updates us on his latest travels and upcoming events, including the Rally for Rivers across the country.
Beloved Bharat

பிரியமான பாரதம்

Back in India for a few hours only, en route to Singapore for a less than 24-hour visit. The last few weeks have been exhilarating, energizing, incredible, and of course incredibly taxing. Isha’s activity in Nepal is going into fast-forward mode – there is a tremendous excitement and interest in all that is Isha. This wonderful land and the gentle people need a better chance than the present state of chaos.

This most ancient nation of all has immense possibilities.

These treks in the mountains are my only medical test. The mountains say I’m in good physical condition, in spite of all the abuse of travel, sleepless nights, and not always getting the right nourishment. My foot injuries that have been bothering me for over a year have just vanished in these very challenging treks. The Grace of Kailash has always been a great source of energy. In fact, Kailash is the source, and I just steal. I’ve been looting the energy and the knowing of Kailash from the very beginning.

Today is 15 August – this is seventy years of Independence. As a nation, we have done many wonderful things, and many things have been left undone. India has stood up as a great democracy in the Comity of Nations. The nation has moved in leaps on an exciting journey from the shambles of partition and being looted hollow by the colonial forces. But the pain of not being able to take all citizens ahead, and many challenges of corruption and tensions of neighborly sort still hound the nation.

The level of enthusiasm across the country, not just among Isha volunteers but people from all walks of life, is truly touching.

In the last seventy years, in Science, Space Technology, Defense, Education, Women’s Rights, and Life Expectancy, we have truly moved mountains but been unable to take our farmers out of poverty. Of all the achievements of this ancient nation reinvented by the colonial forces, the most significant achievement is that our farmers, with minimal infrastructure, have been providing food for our one billion people. But this could be taken away if we don’t protect and revitalize our soil and water. Particularly our Rivers need urgent and scientific approach. This most ancient nation of all has immense possibilities. To realize the potential of our nation, the foremost aspect is to protect and nourish our soil and water. These are not inanimate substances but life making material. Let there be a resolute way of addressing this and seek the wellbeing of all.

The Rally for Rivers is organically picking up momentum. The level of enthusiasm across the country, not just among Isha volunteers but people from all walks of life, is truly touching. This is our beloved Bharat: from celebrities to common people, from tall leaders to school going children – all of them are showing an instant sense of understanding of why we need Rally for Rivers. Seeing some of the things that people are doing moves me to tears. You have seen the Isha Vidhya children, drawing six-kilometer-long rangoli, and many such acts of utter dedication and love for creating a better future for all. 

Just a few minutes to leave for the airport and a tizzy of travel in the next week with multiple engagements from Singapore to Mumbai, Mumbai to Chennai, Chennai to Delhi, Delhi to Bangalore, Bangalore to Coimbatore, Coimbatore to Lucknow to Delhi to Coimbatore, and then Kanyakumari to the Himalayan foothills – covering 16 states, and a blistering pace of events all along. Thirty-two days on the road.

Let us make it happen. 

Love & Blessings