The two days in Mumbai was all about building the crescendo that was the Mumbai Rally that took place on the 18th of September. Sadhguru had referred to Mumbai as the “maximum city”, and true to this name, everything that happened here for the rally was done to the maximum. Starting from the bike rally the previous day to the two back to back events of the Giants' International Awards function and then the Plantation Conclave 2017 held at Raj Bhavan, everywhere that Sadhguru opened up the issue of our rivers, there was already an agreement and a consensus.

On such a back drop, the Mumbai rally had a more celebratory tone to it, having already raised and received a significant level of cognizance amongst the key segments that make up the backbone of the city. There was fun and cheer which was laced with an overtone of sense and sincerity towards the cause, be it from the dignitaries and celebrities that were in attendance or the public.

The fact that Sadhguru conceived this cause is slowly fading to the background, as each individual is stepping forward to take the rally up as their personal mission. This speaks volumes about the understanding and awareness that Sadhguru has been able to raise through the rally. Every person that stepped up to the podium at the event spoke with such conviction and commitment that can only come from being connected to and owning the cause.

When Sadhguru called on the people at the rally and asked for 200 "Nadi Veeras" who would volunteer for this cause for three years, almost every youth present there stood up and cheered.


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