W ith Uganda in the news these days for various reasons, we thought we’d share an incident that a meditator from Kampala wrote to us about. In a local village to hire a chain saw, he came across a pleasant surprise:

I encountered a little gem the other day. I needed to hire a chain saw for my forest timber work and someone suggested a local man, a Ugandan named Stephen Akugizibwe, who I met for a chat. He sat down at the village bar table to talk and introduced himself as a nature guide, a businessman and Yogi (!). I raised my brows in kind interest as this was the last thing I was expecting to hear in my little local trading centre.

He explained that he did Inner Engineering last year in Kampala, does his sadhana twice daily and has cured himself of chronic malaria and back problems through regular practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra. I asked about his diet and he also proudly announced that he grows his own medicinal plants and eats a good portion of raw vegetables and fruit, a novel diet among the local poor staple of maize flour and cooked beans. I want to get to know him more and hear more, it is great to see Sadghuru's seeds yielding such good results on the local African soil.

- Lech Zielinski, Isha Volunteer, Uganda


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