Sadhguru spent a few days in Madhya Pradesh in early February. Here’s a recap of the events.

Sadhguru at IMA

Sadhguru’s Madhya Pradesh visit began with a talk at the Indore Management Association (IMA) on February 6. As Sadhguru arrived at 10 am, he was requested to hoist the flag, which was followed by a rendition of Jana Gana Mana.

Before Sadhguru began his talk, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Dr. Bimal Jalan released Sadhguru’s latest Hindi book: “Anand Lahar – Chaho Aur Paa Lo”, and many in the audience of over 2000, were intrigued enough to enquire about the book after the program.

Sadhguru’s talk focused on Inner Engineering, and was very well-received, with frequent rounds of applause coming from the listeners. A Q&A with the audience followed, which included a question on the purpose of life and creation. Sadhguru responded that if someone were to ask “Why creation?” whatever Sadhguru were to say, one could only believe or disbelieve him. Instead, if one were to ask how to navigate through it, there is a method.

While answering other questions, Sadhguru pointed out that there is no point trying to manage happiness. If we just manage our faculties, happiness is a natural outcome. Sadhguru also responded to a question on corruption, and said that the rules in the country were so complicated and hard to understand, so things were happening under the table. He spoke of the need to simplify these rules.


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IMA and its members were quite overwhelmed by Sadhguru’s talk. Here’s a sample of their tweets during the event.

In Conversation with the Mystic

The next day saw Kalpesh Yagnik, Group Editor of the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper group, in conversation with Sadhguru. Mr. Yagnik asked several questions, including the difference between religion and spirituality. Sadhguru spoke about the difference between belief and seeking. Mr. Yagnik also spoke of how several conmen were masquerading as spiritual leaders in today’s world, and how one can distinguish between a “real” and a “fake guru”. Here’s Sadhguru’s response, encapsulated in a couple of tweets.

Kunal Kohli in conversation with Sadhguru

On February 9, filmmaker Kunal Kohli engaged Sadhguru in a conversation in Bhopal. Kunal’s questions spanned the topic of relationships, human emotions, and social challenges. Sadhguru also answered question from the audience.

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