Sadhguru paid a day-long visit to the Isha Home School on July 4th, and the students and teachers had the opportunity to imbibe his grace and wisdom. Aarthi, a volunteer with the Isha Home School shared her experience of the momentous occasion.

Sunrise on 4th July saw the little inhabitants of Isha Home School’s Junior and Middle school hopping out of their beds crackling with excitement at the thought of meeting Sadhguru, their honorary “surprise” guest for the day. Sunrise made way for a delightful morning, when Sadhguru descended from his vehicle, and an air of silence and composure overcame the children – much to the amazement of the adults who were striving to bring some sort of semblance of order. Sadhguru seemed equally surprised to walk into a berth of silence. A crescendo of “Namaskarams” broke the silence and little Aditi garlanded Sadhguru. As the children drew closer, Sadhguru was slowly enveloped by a cocoon of love and child-like inquisitiveness. When some semblance of order was restored, the little ones sang delightful songs such as ‘Racha Prabhu tu ne yeh brahmananda sara’ and ‘Mati kahe kumhara ko’ by Kabir Das.

After his interaction with the Junior school teachers and staff, Sadhguru slowly drove through the colonnades of the coconut groves towards the Gnana Shala – the setting for the Senior school. Here his welcome had a different tone. The young adults had a certain air of maturity and confidence about themselves. The privilege of casually enjoying the blessed wisdom of this great Guru in the ambience of the eclectic Gnana Shala set against the backdrop of the majestic Velliangiris was such a dream – worth more than any adjective could possibly convey.

The mood and the inspiration was such that some of the students shared their innermost experience.
One such sharing was from Abhishek, age 15:

“Serenity, the true nature”
It was the day I was waiting for, Sadhguru arrived with his well-known energetic mood. The meeting kicked off rather slowly at Gnana Shala, at 10 in the morning. Sadhguru started to explain to us the purpose of our education, occasionally comparing it with his experience. As questions began to pop up in my head, they got cleared immediately, almost effortlessly. The words that flowed out of Sadhguru affected the sleeping mind in me, awakening it to the wonders of this world. It never occurred to me that time was flying, until my protesting legs demanded me to check. Four and half hours had sped away, leaving me with a clear mind. More than the time, it was astonishing to realize the magnitude of knowledge that had been conveyed. No doubt these subtle aspects of life that were conveyed so beautifully were aimed to each one at a much higher dimension.


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Walking out of Gnana Shala seemed like walking through a new door. Everything outside was physically the same, but the eyes saw it in a different way. Incorporating these new thoughts would change the entire perspective of life. Somehow, there was a much clearer scent of certainty sprayed upon me; definitely I was going to spread it to the world. The scent of joy!

A Senior school teacher later shared her insight,
“It is always amazing how Sadhguru manages to answer the question that you come with, without your having to voice it. One sentence is enough to set you on the right gear, one look is enough to knock you out of your stupidity, one smile is a lifetime’s applause. I came to the meeting with so many questions, asked none but all got answered.”

The evening dinner hosted by the school to the accompaniment of classical tones allowed all those involved, a moment of contemplation as the impressions of the day percolated deep into them.

The evening drew to a close on a light-hearted note with a theatrical production led by the teachers in the newly built Tarana Hall. The script combined with the dedication of the fledgling actors – the teachers – delivered the most comically apt production, which left Sadhguru rollicking with laughter.

A member of the audience shared his thoughts on this,
“Most of the students I would say never expected their teachers to put up something like this. They would probably see them differently from now on – funny, cool and willing to make fun of themselves. Bottom line: the audience laughed so much it hurt.”