Isha's own homegrown poets who contributed poems for Earth Day on 22nd April, got a chance to muddy their hands as each of them planted an Akash Malli tree. These anonymous Kalidasas planted the saplings near the Linga Bhairavi Temple and were watched approvingly by all manners of insects and larvae, and also a rather stern looking but very camera-friendly toad, that kept popping out of the soil.

Commonly known as the Indian Cork tree, the Akash Malli can grow to 80 feet. Its fragrant flowers remind one of Jasmine. The jasmine-like fragrance and the tremendous height of the tree has earned it the name Akash Malli or 'Jasmine of the Sky.' The stem and roots of the tree are believed to have medicinal value, and its bark is used as a substitute for true cork.

How many confused and overly eager environmentalists does it take to plant one dainty sapling? That's right... six!

One of the lucky planters shares her experience,

Lean and straight with tender green leaves, the Akash Malli saplings sit cozily in a bed of nutritious soil. I had the privilege of planting one in the ashram today, and I hope to see it grow and blossom and outlive me. What a fortunate sapling, to always live in the vicinity of Dhyanalinga.

Here's one of the heart-warming poems penned by a resident at the ashram on the occasion of Earth Day.


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You are baked like clay,
In the scalding oven of day,
Parched into dust,
Wandering with every wind gust.

The fragrant summer rain
Makes the fever wane,
Melts both you and me
And leaves me light and carefree.

Now, you are soaked, soft and cool,
Dark and moist beneath the pool,
Squishy between my toes
Harboring secrets nobody knows.

Luscious soil and bare feet
Mother and child meet.
Which is me and which is you?
Are we same, is it true?

Blessed to be in your embrace,
Want everyone to feel your grace.