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You have been initiated into a yogic kriya or meditation. You start the practice as instructed. But then, a steady stream of thoughts diverts your attention to all kinds of mundane matters. Sounds familiar? Our Lead Article, Mind Your Garbagepresents Sadhguru’s antidote to frustration in the face of this common challenge.

In the article More Than a Man,” Sadhguru describes the upcoming Adiyogi spaces, which will not only be monuments but meditative spaces where anyone can pick a simple spiritual process. Sadhguru has created the blueprint. It is up to us to take the initiative to establish such a space, wherever we are.

We are excited to introduce our new Isha Hata Yoga series. Part 1: Getting Started – The Element of Waterexamines the first step towards setting the right conditions for Hata Yoga.


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This month’s Leela episode includes two aspects of Krishna’s life and legacy – No Black and White in Life” and “Become That.” In the fourth part of their conversation, Room for Growth,” Sadhguru and Tarun Tahiliani discuss what distinguishes Bharat (India) as a nation and culture.

In the excerpt of an interview by Bloomberg TV India Editor Vivek Law, Sadhguru expands on his Leadership Insights.”

As the temperatures chill, warm your senses and nurture your body with a hot “Drumstick Soup"!

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