The first Inner Engineering Program will be taking place from 2 to 8 December in Kathmandu, at the Hotel Tibet International. Here’s how Isha volunteers are preparing for it.

Nepal is nestled cozily in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. For millennia, this land has been steeped in spiritual traditions of every kind and even today, the diversity of what exists here in full vibrancy attracts pilgrims, seekers and travelers alike.

So we are overjoyed to announce the first Inner Engineering program in Kathmandu, Nepal from 2nd to 8th December. The venue, Hotel Tibet International, is such a beautiful setting in the historic and spectacular Boudhnath Stupa area of Kathmandu.

The story of how this opportunity unfolded began in August this year, when, on the way back from Kailash, Sadhguru had met with the business leaders and youth of Kathmandu and talked to them about the Inner Engineering Program. After seeing the overwhelming response to the event, the eagerness of the Isha volunteers was fired up to bring this life-transforming possibility to this nation. Since then, it has been a flurry of activity for volunteers from various parts of the world who want to make this happen.


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Here are a few volunteers sharing their experiences…

“The first time I came to know about Isha, I really wanted to bring it to Nepal. And to see it finally happening brings tears to my eyes.” – Pukar

“On a trip to India, I visited the Isha Yoga Center and I was just awestruck by the beauty of the place. The dedication and reverence of the residents is something to see. Everyone looked so bright and lively. I had never seen such a place. I decided to do the Inner Engineering Program and further stayed there to volunteer for a few months. In a short period of time I learnt a whole new approach towards life and a beautiful way of living it. I realized it is not so difficult to make life a good experience. When I heard that Inner Engineering was happening in Nepal, I immediately made a list in my mind of the people who I wish could experience it. I hope we get to reach as many people as possible. Everyone should get a taste of this wonderful possibility, to live a more sensible and beautiful life.” – Shreyas

“One day, while on a train journey back from the ashram, I received an email saying that the first Inner Engineering Program is going to happen in Nepal soon. There is only one volunteer in Kathmandu and he needs support. Could some volunteers from Delhi go to Nepal and make it happen? I don’t know why, it was as if something else was driving me, I instantly decided that I have to be there in Kathmandu. Without even thinking about my family or anything else, I wrote back that I would like to help. Thereafter, nothing stopped me. I spoke to three more volunteers from Dwarka (New Delhi) and all of them readily agreed to go to Kathmandu. It was as if we were on a roll. Eight volunteers from Delhi were willing to offer themselves for this program. We booked our tickets and now each day back and forth it’s an exchange of emails and messages as to what materials to take, how to take them in the flight, how to prepare Thalidam in Kathmandu? The excitement is growing. We are just waiting to board the flight. Kathmandu here we come!” – Usha

“We wondered how it could happen with just one volunteer and two teachers from the ashram, but when I reached Kathmandu, five more enthusiastic faces were already there to greet me. They had heard about the program and immediately contacted us to lend their support. Since then we have been turning Kathmandu upside down looking for each and every class material, trying to convince the malls, book shops and spiritual organizations in the city to display banners and posters of the event, conducting Isha Kriya sessions, meeting people and talking to them about Sadhguru and Inner Engineering. Sadhguru’s grace is palpable in how everything seems to be falling into place. Even the participants are so excited about the program already.” – Siddharth

The Inner Engineering program in Nepal has been scheduled from 2nd to 8th December. For more information, please contact or +977-9851142940.

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