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The Essence of Life and Death: Sadhguru looks at the essential nature of life and death and explains how they are one and the same. To know what is beyond death requires pragna, he says, a way of knowing things without thinking about them.

A Larger Slice of Life: Sadhguru recounts a situation in Krishna’s life and talks about Grace, karma and the nature of one’s life on the spiritual path.

The Cause of Chronic Disease: Sadhguru answers a question on how chronic diseases are caused by the thoughts and emotions that we generate, which ultimately poison the chemical soup in our body.


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Kairi Panha: Kairi Panha is a traditional Maharashtrian raw mango drink. Here are three different preparations to choose from.

Why Does Shiva Sit in the Smashana or Cremation Ground: Why is Shiva sometimes depicted as sitting in the smashana or cremation ground, surrounded by death? Sadhguru looks at the symbolism behind this representation and explores some fundamental aspects of life and death.

Why An Empty Stomach is Essential for Hata Yoga Practice: Sadhguru answers a question on why Hata Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, and explores the nature of the body and how Hata Yoga influences it.

Fear of Death – The What and Why of It: Everyone dies. Why then do so many have a fear of death? Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, explains why there is no reason to fear this inevitable process.

Enjoy Isha Forest Flower May 2014!

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