O n September 3rd last year, Isha made the first “Devi Eyes” available to the public. A way to spread awareness about the Linga Bhairavi temple, they represent the Third Eye – a symbol of enhanced perception and enlightenment. It functions similar to a yantra, creating a meditative atmosphere with the emblazoned third eye and “Jai Bhairavi” written beneath.

The Devi Eyes have been available for sale for the past few months in a variety of different sizes – from stickers to dashboard displays and lit display boards. On March 22nd, the first Devi Eyes was put up for public display in Neyveli. Over 100 volunteers came together on the Amavasya day to see the 10 foot square panel being displayed opposite to the NLC township entrance.

Since then two more Devi Eyes have come up in Chennai in Raja Annamalai Puram. The meditators had gotten the sponsorship for the Devi Eyes, but were frantically searching for a place to erect it. A shop keeper they approached was willing to give space on both sides of his building, so that they would be displayed on both parallel roads. Seeing the commitment of the volunteers and how they came together to make it happen, the owner eventually gave the site free-of-cost. The volunteers were so overwhelmed by this, as the Devi Eyes are above two hoardings, whose monthly advertising costs run into crores. The Eyes have since been seen by thousands of people at the site in RA Puram, which is next to MGR Janaki Ammal College.

Devi Eyes are being planned in the next one month in five more locations, including Pondicherry, Coimbatore and Trivandrum. Anyone who would like to contribute, or who knows of an appropriate location where they can be erected, can contact 94425 04690 or send a mail to swami.mayanka@ishafoundation.org.


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