From 18th - 20th January 2013, Sadhguru will be conducting a program for several thousand people in New Delhi. Using the Diwali festival as an impetus, the Delhi volunteers are already reaching out to people and inviting them to come for the program.

Diwali crackers pale in comparison to activities by Isha meditators in Delhi. Though festival celebration is in the air – markets are teaming with people and products - Isha activities are touching people with their simple offerings.

Delhi will see its first Mega Program in Jan 2013. Delhi volunteers are excitedly preparing the grounds for a huge turnout by holding programs for Delhi denizens and volunteers. Isha Coming Together events, where volunteers gathered together to watch Sadhguru’s talks and share suggestions to approach people for registrations, took place in various corners of Delhi NCR. Many volunteers who had fallen out of touch over the years also participated in large numbers in these events.

The Diwali Mela is an open fair organized in various corners of Delhi. Isha Delhi participated in Blind School Mela, the biggest and most famous in Delhi, to receive tremendous response. Isha products were also flying off the shelf! The Isha Street Play Group has also been performing in some of these melas to spread the information about forthcoming program.

Isha Kriya sessions are a wonderful method to give people a taste of meditation. Morning sessions have been taking place in Sarita Vihar (a colony in Delhi) leading to maximum registrations till now from one colony. Isha Kriya is also being taught to visitors over the weekend at the Isha Delhi premises.

Home Intro sessions and Corporate Intro sessions are receiving a great response. Many prominent companies like Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd in R. K Puram and and schools like Modern School are opening doors for us to hold intro sessions. Response to such sessions is very encouraging.

Delhi has the largest vehicular population in India. Taking advantage of this, car screens with information about the Mega program has been distributed to willing volunteers and individuals, as one more way to spread the word.


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