An Evening with the Mystic - Sadhguru in Toronto on May 28

Isha meditators as well as members of the public eagerly await Toronto's rendezvous with Sadhguru on May 28. A volunteer writes about the preparations that are underway for Sadhguru's public talk, An Evening with the Mystic.
Sadhguru public talk,toronto

Winter had just ended and layers of cold snow were melting away. Toronto was ready to embrace a new Spring when the people of Toronto received some exciting news – Sadhguru would be visiting the city for the first time in a decade, and giving a public talk on May 28th.

Having seen the magical moments of the Ananda Alai programs and Mahasathsangs in India, where tears of joy flowed freely from kids and grandparents, and policemen and taxi drivers alike, the volunteers in Toronto are making every effort to create a possibility for the people of Toronto to experience the same peace and joy at "An Evening with the Mystic."

With the event just around the corner, the Toronto volunteers have been picking up pace on the final stretch. Volunteers went across the Greater Toronto Area in groups, extending a final set of invitations to people. The volunteers who went to Gerrard India Bazar were well received by the Indian-Pakistani community. One of the Lahore-based passers-by stumbled upon the poster and expressed how he cherished Sadhguru’s visit to the city.

With preparations going smoothly, the stage is all set for a divine evening with the Mystic.