Ancient temples were built based on a precise science, not as places for prayer, but as a public charging place where people could charge themselves with an energy towards profound inner transformation. Today, the knowledge of these inner sciences has become extremely rare but there is a tremendous need to make this incomparable wealth of inner riches available to people.

The Dhyanalinga stands as a living promise to nurture innate spirituality and revive this glorious tradition. By the grace of Sadhguru, the Dhyanalinga – the dream of many enlightened beings, has finally come true after thousands of years, and has benefited lakhs of people. In order to allow many more to experience the essence of this Yogic Science, an array of elements are yet to be established around the premesis. Once established in its full splendor, the Dhyanalinga will offer the possibility for every individual to experience inner well-being.


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The Dhyanalinga Complex will be spread over an area of around 8 acres. A few of the elements that are coming up, which will complete the complex include:

Aadhi Yogi Aalayam

In the yogic tradition, Shiva is considered the Aadhi Yogi - the First Yogi and the Aadhi Guru - the First Guru. Named for this being who, in Sadhguru's words, "created the spine of knowing from which every dimension of spiritual knowledge in any part of the world is drawn," the Aadhi Yogi Aalayam is an 82,000 sq.ft. columnless hall - the largest such hall in the country. With a capacity to seat 10,000 peope at once, its construction has already begun. Sadhguru conducted the Bhumi Pooja for the Aalayam on 21st April. Once completed, this space will provide an opportunity for individuals to receive powerful tools for inner growth and wellbeing. In Sadhguru's words,

Aadhi Yogi Aalayam is the first of its kind in an effort to create infrastructure for raising human consciousness and also to acknowledge a being who has played an absolutely significant role in shaping human consciousness. Though we planned many in different places in the world, the first one invariably comes up at the foothills of these sacred mountains, which is a cascade of grace and knowing. Powered by this, for sure Aadhi Yogi Aalayam will become a powerhouse of transmission and transformation.


An energized water body, with three rasalingas and three times the size of the existing Theerthakund, will be coming up, which in tandem with the already existing Theerthakund, will offer the ever increasing number of visitors the possibility to take a dip in its vibrant waters - not only enhancing their spiritual receptivity to the Dhyanalinga, but also rejuvenating their physical health and wellbeing.


Also to be built is a concert space for classical dance and music, with regular performances by artistes. Chatrams (rest houses) will also be built which will provide food and accommodation for devotees. Aesthetically designed mandapams will also come up which will showcase the cultural splendour of various regions of India.

Watch the video and take a virtual tour of the Dhyanalinga Complex.