A Sathsang with the Master - Sadhguru in Delhi

6th August 2011 was a memorable day for Ishas in Delhi as they spent the entire evening in Sathsang with Sadhguru.
Sadhguru at Sathsang

A couple of weeks ago, Sadhguru stopped by Delhi on his way to Kathmandu and then onto Kailash. 6th August was a memorable day for Ishas in Delhi when they spent the entire evening in Sathsang with Sadhguru.

A volunteer speaks of the day that started in confusion, progressed to orderliness, and culminated in stillness.

"A week before the big day, the excitement leading up to his arrival in Delhi picked up. A team of about 60 volunteers made sure to inform every single Isha meditator in and around Delhi NCR so that no one would miss out on the opportunity to be in the Master’s Presence.

Work at the venue began early in the morning on the day of the sathsang. Teams had been created for all the different areas – ushering, materials, sales, information and dais among others. I was given the task of setting up the information counter and was excited by the prospect. But with a week of hectic activity, my persistent back problem had flared up just a night before the event. When I reached the venue, my body was hurting and wanted to give in, but then I suddenly realized, the stadium, the volunteers around, the whole place was on fire – I just had to jump into it and things would happen! From that point on, it seemed as though a completely different energy was executing the whole plan, and everything fell into place, effortlessly.

At 8:30pm, Sadhguru arrived. As he entered the hall, a tear trickled down my cheek. How long it seemed to have been since I had seen my Guru.

That day, he initiated everyone into Isha Kriya. The experience completely blew me away as his gentle voice repeated, “I am not the body; I am not even the mind.”

My breath and mind seemed to have fused into one. I was just amazed and grateful that he is offering such a powerful possibility to ensure that each human being has at least one drop of spirituality in them.

It was 11pm before we knew it and Sadhguru ended the sathsang with a chant. A sense of calm filled my whole body. As I walked out of the hall, I felt a renewed energy within myself to overcome my stifling limitations and grow. I felt he had once again turned up the voltage of the little bulb within me. The light is bringing so much more clarity in my life, more than I could possibly understand at the time.”