The Saga to Saga - Episode 5 of Isha Kailash 2010 Travel Journal


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After a night in Zhangmu, we made an early departure for Saga. Before breakfast, the camphor team gave us our sniffing packet for helping with the high altitude symptoms. It wasn't long after leaving the last "major" town and paved roads that we hit the much more bumpy and dusty mud roads.

In our Land Rover, one of about 30, was Rashid and Ferruzan, a couple from Mumbai, Asha, from Trivandram, who's coming to Kailash for the second time, and our driver, Ujin, who seemed to have a great sense of how to keep us comfortable despite the roller coaster drive.

The landscape continued to transform itself from steep hills to long stretches of flat lands, never out of eyesight from the majestic snowcapped Himalayan mountain range.

A welcomed lunch break meant refueling our bodies with food and water, and for some taking a much needed stop from the increase in altitude and difficult terrain. Fortunately, Sadhguru gave us a simple acclimatization practice to allow our bodies to adjust more easily. Despite that, some of the yatris got a bit affected by the altitude, which is pretty common. The group doctors did a great job taking care of them.
Finally, we reached Saga, a small military base town, with one main hotel (and a great hot bath across the street). Since we climbed to such a high altitude today, we were required to stay 2 nights so our bodies could adjust.

On the 6th day, we started off with a Sathsang followed by a a meditation at the bank of the Brahmaputra river, which is supposed to have its origins from Kailash itself.

Tomorrow, we have another long drive to Parayang. We have to leave by 2am because of some road construction, so off to an early sleep.

"The Saga to Saga"
Episode 5 of Isha Kailash 2010 Travel Journal

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