Darshan with Sadhguru - 13 Sept 2010
Isha Yoga Center - Coimbatore, India


Sixteen years ago, this day, we concluded the 90-day Wholeness Program in this place, on 13th September I think. So when I suddenly remembered this in the afternoon, I was itching to do something. When we were doing the Wholeness Program with those 60 and odd people, very hardy ones because there was no place to live, a hut that was threatening to fall down any time - repeatedly threatening that it’s going to come down upon us - but still, we did all that we had to do there. And at that time, everybody dreamt of building a meditation hall. It took maybe another six years or seven years before we built the Spanda Hall. Today, it is such that the Spanda Hall is occupied almost 20 to 25 days in a month and it’s not available for anybody in the ashram, and Sadhana Hall is anyway bursting at the seams.

So today we started the project called ‘Adi Yogi Alayam’... (Clapping) A meditation hall which is south-facing because Adi Yogi, when he sat as a guru, he sat south-facing. And we will have a wonderful consecration which will befit Him for this hall. And the hall is a little over 40,000 square feet, plus there is an extension that we can open up and up to 12,000 people can sit in the whole area. About 6,000 people will have a roof, another 6,000 people will have to sit like you are

sitting here. So we came up with a design today afternoon, and I thought the boys are tired after the temple and the school construction. You know, a very big school building is coming up out there? Nobody has seen it? We will open on the 23rd, you can be there on that day. So I thought, 'They’re a little exhausted and we’ll go a little slow.' And I asked them, 'How many months?' They said, ‘We’ll do it in three months.’ That’s a phenomenal challenge to build this building, which is over 40,000 square feet, and to do it in 90 days. We have a fetish with the 90 days, you know.

So probably sometime from September next year or, maybe for the sake of the weather, we may push it to October or November, where we’ll have a big program in the Adi Yogi Alayam which will be probably a series of programs for those two months, let’s see how. But definitely we will be doing a program called ‘Mahabharath’ - ‘Saga Unparallel’. We are not going to do the whole Mahabharath, we’re just going to pick 12 to 15 themes in Mahabharath and handle the story, supported by various artists in terms of dance and other kinds of depictions.

So we want to make this program into a mega happening in the ashram, not just a program that happens inside a hall where we sit and talk and do meditations. This is a happening, this is an event. We want this to be a real mega event, the grandest depiction of Mahabharath that could have happened anywhere.

NEW MESSAGE FROM SADHGURU: We want all of you to participate in some capacity. You can learn to dance or sing or act - or for the Kurukshetra scene, you may learn to die. (Laughs)

Love & Grace