N early seven weeks of being in the USA, billed as the greatest nation upon the planet, I am in deep thought on what would be an ideal world. Not that I don’t have a "utopia" of my own that is a hybrid of spiritual perfection and socio-material arrangement. The socio-material part has always been in evolution, as there is no possibility of perfection in the outer world but only that which will lead to maximum wellbeing of the maximum populace. A close observation of the most affluent species of the American population puts me into an urgency mode. Those who have what a large part of humanity is aspiring for are not just in not great shape, but in a state of distress and desperation that does not befit the efforts and accomplishments of their lives.

Considering at what expense individual humans or societies strive for affluence, those who make it don’t make a pretty picture. If economic and material wellbeing is not buffered with spiritual grace, all will go waste -- wastage of not just human lives but of all life-making material of this planet. The current disastrous ecological brink is only the consequence of humans in pursuit of wellbeing. We may rip the planet apart but wellbeing will not happen as it is in the realm of inner nature. Peace and happiness is neither in the silence of the mountains nor in the din of the marketplace. It will only be a permanent station for those who explore the dimensions of inner nature.

Crisscrossing America in the last few weeks with a variety of events, as diverse as World Peace Day celebrations to speaking at the UN to the very first time ever playing in a golf tournament. The tournament was the 25th year in honor of Robert Kennedy. Feisty Ethel Kennedy and the rest of the family were wonderful hosts.

Here I am in our own Air India flight to Mumbai. In 14 hours will be in India, thanks to the Wright brothers.

Love & Blessings

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