Poem: The fraudulent few...

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru pens his latest poem. “Among the fraudulent few/ reside many a great sage/ In rampant barrage of/ rudimentary logic of the materialist.” The poem calls humanity to action, to rise above the “limitation of cheap wine” to experience the “rapture of the Boundless.” Enjoy!

The fraudulent few…

Among the fraudulent few
reside many a great sage
In rampant barrage of
rudimentary logic of the materialist.
Seers and Sages suffer the
ignominy of the worst sort.
Yogis and Mystics will face
ridicule and possible persecution.
As commercial forces reign
Supreme reducing human mind
to a marketplace of give and take.
Subtle fragrance of life
may yield to the crude concubine
of commerce and corruption.
Time for humanity not to wait
but to wake up and rise the
Subtle force of consciousness.
From the mad stupor of consumption
to the fulfilment of Conscious living.
From the limitation of cheap wine
To the wild abandon of Divine.
From the fraudulence of the few
To the rapture of the Boundless.

Love & Blessings