On Friday, we had a number of performances by the residents and students of the Isha Yoga Center. The Samskriti children presented a Bharatanatyam performance choreographed by none other than Sonal Mansingh. It was the story of the maiden Kanyakumari and how, when she left her body, Shiva became so despondent, frustrated and angry that he went up Velliangiri Mountains and just sat. This is how the Velliangiri Hills became known as the Kailash of the South. Initially, the show was to take place in Spanda Hall, but it was the first of its kind by the Samskriti children, so I thought it should be held nowhere else but in front of the Dhyanalinga. In a matter of two hours, the residents set up the stage and the lights, and all watched the drama unfold under the night sky.

This is something that I did not pay attention to until a year or so ago, and that is that September 23rd* happens to be the equinox. This is the day when light and night are nearly the same length. Right now, the earth is going around the sun at a tilt of approximately twenty-three degrees. Depending on the time of year, either the northern or the southern hemisphere will be facing the sun. Right now, we are in Dakshinayana, so it is the southern hemisphere. But on the equinox, it is the equator which faces the sun. On this day, the earth in relation to the rest of the solar system, particularly the sun, is in a certain state of balance.

In many ways, my life has been so many things – peace, joy, blissfulness, ecstasy, madness. But above all, clarity and balance have been the essential qualities. So, yoga is essentially understanding and aligning the geometry of your system to the geometry of the cosmos. The geometry of the existence, and the beauty and magnificent nature in which it is created, is such that if you align yourself, the whole cosmos will respond to you.

When I look back at the various events in my life, how things happen at the right time and how the system gets aligned to everything in the existence, it is too incredible. The more and more you look at how magnificently creation has been made, the more you cannot help bowing down to it because the sheer intelligence and the perfection of creation are so profound.

* Sadhguru's day of enlightenment

Love & Grace

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