Devi's Full Moon Stroll

In this week’s Spot, and just after the recent full moon, Sadhguru tells us why the Linga Bhairavi Maha Arthi is performed each month. “The Devi exists by drawing sustenance from the Dhyanalinga, the main tower of energy. That is why she is positioned the way she is…This is essential for her survival, otherwise she will deplete.” Photos of the grand procession accompany the Spot. Enjoy!

What is the significance of the Linga Bhairavi Maha Arthi, the procession that takes place on Pournami (the full moon), where a smaller form of Devi is taken in grand fashion to the Dhyanalinga? You mentioned that Devi is wooing Shiva. Could you elaborate on this?

If you want to transmit a genuine, life transforming spiritual process, you need a tower of energy. If you do not create that, or you do not access that which may be available to you in some other way, no life transmission will ever happen, only words will happen. If the person who is delivering this is of a certain energy, it will go on for a certain period of time. The moment his body becomes feeble, it will just die. He need not even die, if some feebleness comes into his system, the whole process will die. So, if you do not create a fundamental energy space that lasts for a long time, you cannot continue to transmit a living spiritual process.

Dhyanalinga is that tower of energy. It is very subtle because it has to last a long time. Long means super long. Anything that you make strong and outwardly energetic, like the Devi, will not last long unless you maintain it every day. The Devi must be recharged on a daily basis; otherwise she will not live. That is why those who are around the Devi need a lot of dedication and devotion to keep her going. The people who take care of the Dhyanalinga are only taking care of the premises and the people who come. But they are not taking care of the Dhyanalinga in any sense because he does not need any care. If nobody took care of him, he would be the same way. It is a completely different format with Linga Bhairavi. It is not just the premises and the people that are being taken care of on a daily basis, Devi is being taken care of. If she is not taken care of, she will not live long. And if you do not take care of her well, she will go into a fit. I hope those taking care of her have the sense to see that she does not go into a fit.

The future generations of caretakers must ensure she always comes out on Pournami and makes that contact.

The Devi exists by drawing sustenance from the Dhyanalinga, the main tower of energy. That is why she is positioned the way she is. Whatever else we create now will also draw sustenance from the same source, wherever we put it in the world. Dhyanalinga is a full-fledged life - all seven chakras and more, everything. He is a full-fledged life without a body - this is good. He has no physical issues. Devi is only three and a half chakras. She is a half a life, but vibrantly half. You cannot miss it. If you did not experience anything in the Dhyanalinga, just go to Linga Bhairavi, she will slap you in the face! It is so upfront because she is vibrant in a certain way. This kind of vibrance cannot stay for long unless it is constantly maintained.

So once a month, she comes out and makes some direct contact with the Dhyanalinga because her sustenance is dependent on that. The future generations of caretakers must ensure she always comes out on Pournami and makes that contact. Even if rain is pouring, she must still come out. It does not matter if there is a flood, she must still come out. This is essential for her survival, otherwise she will deplete. She likes to be strong, energetic and beautiful. But if she depletes, she will go into a fit, and it is not good to have her that way. She will spew wellbeing for all if kept full and vibrant.

Love & Grace

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6 years ago

Is this maintenance is needed for Linga Bhairavi yantra also ?

6 years ago

Pranam. Also i think the inner meaning of all this is to see how important woman are in their respective homes or wherever they are.Everyone's well being depends on her happiness and sustenance.
A home where the woman is excluded and the salaried man dominates is bound to have its consequences.By Sadhgurus grace, may all women be taken care of and given the due importance and attention that is deserved for the well being of this planet.In my home my 12 year old daughter rules!!

6 years ago

Hey lord shiva please bless her

6 years ago

No. The Yantras draw their 'signal'for lack of a better word from the Linga Bhairavi Devi @ Isha Yoga Center. So yeah, as long as the Devi in Coimbatore is taken care of, your Yantra is healthy as a horse :)

6 years ago

However wife comes to husband once in every month(salary day) and pick from the pocket to take care of the family. :-))
just take it lightly...

6 years ago

forgive me if iam wrong but does'nt she is adi shakti the power source of all,is if some one is durga upsak will he or she is incomplate in any form