Buddha Purnima: Aspire for the Ultimate

This Spot includes Sadhguru’s message on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, which he describes as an inspiration to aspire for the Ultimate. He says, “Make the high point of your life the base for the future.” Also, do not miss the video “Buddha Purnima: How Gautama Became a Buddha,” where Sadhguru speaks about how Gautama got enlightened, and how being a “no-body” is a way of making everything yours.
Buddha Purnima: Aspire for the Ultimate

புத்த பௌர்ணமி: உச்சநிலையே உங்கள் இலக்காகட்டும்

Buddha Pournami is another reminder that a Human Being who has a relentless sense of purpose can transcend all that sets crippling limitations. Gautama’s dream of turning the entire world towards Nirvana is yet unrealized. I beseech all who have tasted even a moment of transcendence to work for making this happen to all. If “how” is the question, the simple resolve that you can take on this Buddha Pournami is, identify the most profound and pleasant experience that you have experienced. At that moment, what sort of face did you carry? Make that experience and expression the baseline of your life. You should not come below that high that you already know. You can only exist above that benchmark. Make the high point of your life the base for the future. The tools for transformation are there. You are at the right time in history. This is a great time for blossoming into your fullest. When I am here, you should not aspire for the mundane. Your goal should be nothing less than the Ultimate.

May this Buddha Pournami be an impetus for your growth.