My awareness knows yesterdays & tomorrows
My loves domain is only today.


Knowing the beginning and the end
Still have to play the game in the middle.


The joy of love was coupled with lifetaking venom
The wondrous grace of the Guru
with heart breaking sadhana


The fire of enlightenment with ridicule & failure
The blissfulness of the being, the rapture of
fulfillment enjoined with the pain of the body


Is this a joke?


This is Shiva’s will!


Is he compassion or cruel?
O’ Shambho! let me tell one and all
I do not want it any other way
I do not want it any other way!


Love & Grace

Sadhguru Wisdom Poem | Pranam - a Poem by Sadhguru
Editor's Note

Editor's Note: This poem was first published in the print edition of Isha Forest Flower, Feb 02, 2000.