Questioner: Namaskaram. I have a question about the Linga Bhairavi Yantra. As an American, the yantra is a little intimidating. I feel her presence as a loving mother and I feel I would like to live in a consecrated space. Do you recommend the yantra more for the Indians who are accustomed to poojas and yantras, or do you think it’s fine for Americans as well?

Sadhguru: I don’t know the exact numbers, but probably there are more yantras now in America than in India – either they are nearly equal or probably more there. It does not matter who you are. We won’t give a yantra to a grasshopper because it is designed for human beings. If you are human, it is good. Not that you must have it, but if you need it, if you are drawn to it, you must. It is a question of individual need.

The word “yantra” literally means machine. For example, right now, I can speak but the microphone is enhancing me. Without the microphone if I spoke, only a few people would hear me. But with the microphone, so many more people can. So, if you need enhancement, you need a machine and you use a machine. Right now I need enhancement so I’m using a machine – the microphone. If you need enhancement in a different way, you use a machine. It is a technology. It is a very innovative technology. You must take it to Silicon Valley! Where are you from?

Questioner: I’m from New York City.


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Sadhguru: Okay. Then you need it! Whenever I go to New York City, I am always in Manhattan because all the meetings, everything needs to happen. The other parts of New York City may be different but Manhattan is something. I’ve written a poem on New York. You must read that. Then you will understand why you need a yantra because the onslaught of external influence is so big, you need a machine to protect yourself unless you are really, really stable. It can flood away most people.


Like termite mounds
these dwellings of humans rise
Everyone of his own purpose
lives and walks this busy maze
Many a good man has lived and died
held in the spell of this dizzy haze
The lure of the maze
transcends all class and grade

The prostitute and the saint
the musician and the actor
and of course the slick businessman,
all come to do their own trade

If you walk a mile, you can smell it all
the stench of
prosperity and poverty
food and filth
sin and sainthood
life and death