Live Coverage Day 7 - Bangalore

On Day 7, the Rally for Rivers reaches the garden city of Bengaluru for a huge awareness event.
Live Coverage Day 7 - Bangalore


Vroom time in Bengaluru


Overnight, the Rally for Rivers has zipped from Mysuru to the garden city of Bengaluru.

First thing on the agenda, Sadhguru went for an early-ish morning spin with the Bengaluru bikers, who were absolutely delighted to be riding with him.

The Rally just got itself a few more enthusiastic supporters!

Bengaluru Rallies for Rivers!

What a rocking start to the Bangalore pit stop of Rally for Rivers!

After the robust Dhollu kunitha performance, Vasu Dixit and his band set the stage with a pulsing set of songs which the audience joined with great gusto.

Then as Sadhguru and the Chief Minister of Karnataka came to the venue, the redoubtable Usha Uthup took the stage with all the energy she always brings. Puneeth Rajkumar joined her in singing the popular 'Bombe heLu taithe... neene Rajakumara!' a nod to his legendary father and his heritage.

Then artist Vilas Nayak gave a scintillating performance of speed painting. He painted a bleak picture of drought, a crying river and pleading hands. As we thought the performance was over... the Nadi Stuti started, and the complexion of the painting started to change. Green went onto the trees, the stream started swelling, the Mother River started smiling, and the hands that were pathetically held out went into a namaskaar in reverence... and the river started to flow again!

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