Statue Donation

Let the glorious image of Adi Yogi grace your home. Reserve your personal Adi Yogi statue consecrated by Sadhguru

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facilities for stay at the IYC?
  • In case you wish to visit the Yoga center and spend time there, cottages are available. One may book a room in advance and stay at reasonable cost
  • If one intends to volunteer, then dormitory accommodation is available free of cost.
Is it possible to provide individual accommodation?

Individual accommodation can be provided based on availability, for a nominal rent.

What kind of food is served in IYC for volunteers?

A vegetarian meal made from natural / organic resources is served twice a day for all inmates including volunteers and program participants.

This 12” statue is an exact replica of the 21-foot meditative image of Adi Yogi that is established at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in McMinnville, TN.


Each statue is consecrated to create certain reverberation in your home or office. The statue will be a powerful reminder of the higher possibilities within a human being and orient oneself towards that goal. Unlike other consecrated mantras offered by Sadhguru, the 1-foot statues do not require any special upkeep, practice or process.


The Adiyogi Statue total cost is $1,600. Reserve a statue now by making a non-refundable donation of $1,000 which will be fully tax-deductible. Once the $1,000 donation is received, you will receive an email with a link to complete the purchase of the statue (balance due will be a $600 payment, which is not tax deductible).

Please contact with questions.

Adi Yogi statue donation