Upcoming US Events With Sadhguru

Cultivating leadership and planting trees, Sadhguru’s US events, not to be missed!

As Sadhguru’s visit to the US continues, further exciting public events are planned throughout...

Gearing for Success – Missing Link to Leadership Excellence at MIT

Sadhguru will be speaking to students, professors and visitors on cultivating leadership as an innate and intuitive process, beyond strategies, techniques or programs.

Time: 5.30 to 9 PM, April 23
Venue: E51-345 MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA

Please register  for the event if you wish to attend. For further information, take a look at the event eflyer.

Sadhguru has previously delivered the Keynote Address at the MIT-India Conference in 2012. Watch the full talk here.

Isha Takes Root in California

This is a day-long tree-planting event with Sadhguru at the Isha Center in North California; the objective is to plant 1000 Trees!

Time: 7 AM to 3 PM, May 12
Venue: Isha Center, North California

For further information, please visit the event eflyer.

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6 years 9 months ago

Sadhguru at mit is an wonderful opportunity to the leading technical minds of human kind !

6 years 9 months ago

post the video please

6 years 9 months ago

Yes we all would get the grace of Sadhguru who are living here in Australia ... Please upload the event videos in youtube as it is free ... Humble feedback ....

6 years 9 months ago

I'm so excited, can't believe Sadhguru will be in Seattle in less than 3 weeks (May 17th) for the public talk scheduled at Center for Spiritual Living! Last year at this time I traveled to Houston to be part of the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru. This year, we're fortunate enough to have him here, even if for only a short time. Let's make it possible for him to come here more often, so it's easier for all of us on the West Coast to be in his presence. Pam Eisen, Seattle Isha