A Special Vidyarambham on Vijayadashami

This Vijayadashami (October 8, 2019) will witness a special Vidyarambham ceremony to introduce children into the world of knowledge.

The ritual of Vidyarambham introduces young children into the world of knowledge, letters, and the process of learning. It is exclusively designed for children to begin their education and brings forth the wealth of true knowledge.

This Vijayadashami (October 8th, 2019), following the culmination of the Navratri festivities, a special Vidyarambham ceremony will be held at Linga Bhairavi. This “Day of Victory” is known to be an auspicious occasion to initiate children into education, and performed in the presence of Devi, it is all the more a unique opportunity for children to make a fresh beginning.

For more information please call +91 8300083111 or email info@lingabhairavi.org.

Editor's Note: Experience Devi live this Navratri on Sep 29, Oct 2 and 6, 2019, as we live stream the Navratri Pooja at 5:40 PM IST here  and Linga Bhairavi Facebook

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