A volunteer writes about the wonderful sathsang with Sadhguru, which took place on June 1st in London.

It is always nice to finish a long week of work thinking that there will be a chance to sit with Sadhguru the next day.

The sathsang preparations began at 11am. A lot of volunteers were at the venue, setting up the cameras, fiddling around with cables, checking the lighting and colors. A couple of people were working on the flower arrangements and backdrop design, suggestions and ideas flying all over the place. The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was excited. Shortly before 3pm, everything was in place. True, the malas had red and the rest of the flower pots were pink, but the volunteers involvement was more important than the color coordination!

By 3pm, meditators were eager to get into the venue and, of course, try to get the best place to sit as close as possible to the Master. A volunteer rushed in, out of breath, asking if we were done so that she could allow people in. The rows were quickly filled and a total of around 600 people attended the sathsang.


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The sathsang started at 5pm with a video on snakes. Then Sadhguru walked in, opening the sathsang with the wonderful chant we chanted during the Suryakund consecration. It was wonderful to see everyone take part, irrespective of whether they understood the language or not.

A session of questions and answers followed. One volunteer wanted to have a hug. Another asked about what happened after death. For the first time I heard Sadhguru talking about the importance of the number 84, and of completing 84 years of age because it corresponds to 1008 full moons. I said to myself that’s one more thing we should aim at – adding to the growing list!

There was a lot of laughter and some jokes, but the best part was the ending, when Sadhguru gave a mega hug to all of the attendees who did not hold back on climbing on the stage to get their share of the hug!

And when I asked the volunteer who had asked for the hug if he got what he had asked for, he said: “...and so much more!”

Editor’s Note: For more info on Sadhguru’s future events and programs, visit the Sadhguru’s schedule page.